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Gold PricesGold Prices - Gold prices interest people from all over the world as it can be a great investment. So we've done a site on a variety of aspects including:- current gold prices, live prices, gold coin prices and the spot price of gold.

Gold prices are usually quoted in US dollars per Troy Ounce. As there are 31.1035 grams in 1 Troy Ounce you can divide the US dollar price per Ounce by 31.1035 to get the gold price per gram.

The price of gold is most universally measured as US Dollars (USD) per Troy Ounce (known as the spot price).The gold price is also measured in 'gold price per kilogram' and 'gold price per gram'. For example the jewelry industry usually is concerned with the price of gold in grams whereas investors usually watch the price per ounce. (Taken from

The gold price quoted by gold traders is usually quoted in US dollars per troy ounce. To calculate the cost of one gram of gold, divide the US dollar price for one troy ounce by 31.1035 (one fine troy ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams). For example if the current spot price for gold is $625 per ounce $625 divided by 31.1035= $22.09 for the pure gold price per gram.

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All gold prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at November 17th 2006. Prices fluctuate daily, please check with the merchant for up to date prices.

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Gold Price - Article about gold prices and the factors that affect their rise and fall.

Gold Price - Check here for the current gold price per gram in a range of different currencies.

Lynn Coins - The 5 gram and 10 gram pure gold bars featured on this page can be bought online from this seller. Ships to the USA only.

All gold bars come in a range of sizes from 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 1 kilogram, 1 ounce, 10 ounces, 100 ounces and 400 ounces. Only countries, large businesses and very wealthy investors can afford to purchase the 400 ounce bars. More modest investors can start their gold portfolio with the more affordable 5 and 10 gram gram bars.

5 Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar
Produced by Credit Suisse gold refiners - solid gold Serial numbered and still in the original plastic ingot card. (About 14mm by 23mm in size - serial numbers will vary.)

5 gram credit suisse gold bar (Click to enlarge)
5g Credit Suisse gold bar
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10 Gram Statue Of Liberty Gold Bar
A Credit Suisse solid gold, Serial numbered bar-ingot sealed in clear soft plastic. (About 15-16mm by 26mm in size - serial numbers and holder styles will vary.)

10g statue of liberty gold bar
10g Statue of Liberty gold bar
Price: 265.00 Each
Ships to: USA
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